If you have ever wondered how to get your television show idea on Australian TV – Rough Diamond Media is now providing you with a platform to have your ideas heard.We believe great ideas can come from anyone from anywhere and we get plenty of ideas every day from the talented Australian people. And while all ideas are very creative it is important that before you pitch an idea you are assured it fits well into the Rough Diamond Media values (please see here).  For a successful collaboration; trust, confidence and communication is crucial.Given the large number of ideas that flow through our office every month, to ensure that your idea is heard we have provided the below checklist. Any and all discussions will be treated with full confidentiality.

  • Half a standard-size A4 page describing your idea.
  • Short description of a sample show.
  • YouTube or Vimeo link to a short teaser or pilot video. (not required but recommended)
  • Outline of how your original program idea ties into the Rough Diamond Media values and vision. Keep in mind to point out what is unique with your idea.

If your idea gets traction with us, we will find a time to meet in order to find ways to move forward. We’re excited at the opportunity to view your submission. Rough Diamond Media welcomes your suggestions for new concepts and programming.

If you have an original concept that sits in line with the Rough Diamond Media values and vision, please contact our development department at chris@roughdiamondmedia.com