Rough Diamond Media has begun production on our first series, ‘Where it all Began’. The doco-reality series will see us travel across Australia to meet some inspiring Aussies who have had to fight hard for their successes, highlighting just how far they have come and looking at the alternate paths their lives could realistically have taken.
Behind every story is a network of people and organisations who have provided support along the way, and this is an opportunity for us to repay their kindness and generosity through highlighting their efforts to provide assistance for others who are in some way disadvantaged.
Director of Photography Mark Franjic and Executive Producer Chris Papakosmas beautifully capture the essence of each story to pull together a comprehensive representation of the harsh reality of life. With a gripping narrative, the stories unfold through a combination of recollections, reminiscences and present day events of those involved.
Where it all Began reminds us that in spite of the difficulties people may face, a strong spirit, determination and sometimes a downright refusal to fail can lead a person to greatness.
We are looking forward to creating one of Australia’s most emotive and compelling documentary style series and to uncovering the stories, people and helping hands behind some great Aussie successes.